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    Company Introduction






    Qingdao Chenya Garment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in clothing products that covers the whole field of garment including suits, formal attires, shirts and ties. 


    The Company sets up six divisions which are suits for men and women, shirts, blouses, casual clothes and working uniforms. Having professional sample makers, tailors and technologists, Chenya produces these garments by different advanced production lines based on deep classification research, which satisfies the multiple needs of customers by providing industry-leading quality products.   


    The Company has a strong merchandizing system and provides retail and group custom-tailor services. At present, retailing of middle and high level clothes is realized by setting up exclusive stores and building a good brand image in big cities. Marketing for group custom-tailor service radiates out from Beijing and becomes nationwide. Being focus on these two marketing ways, the Company well integrates its resources and makes full use of its competitive advantages.


    Chenya believes in the philosophy of “strive for survival on the basis of quality; high reputation on the basis of satisfying services and development on the basis of technological innovation” and provides customers with quality and aesthetic formal attires according to their different enterprise cultures and product structures. The Company takes made-to-order formal attires as an essential part of enterprise culture to customers. 


    Chenya devotes itself to providing comprehensive, multiple and wide-ranging services and hopes to cooperate with all business partners to create glorious future!